It is necessary for every business to take control of their financial destinies and eliminate every possibility of incurring heavy financial losses should they face claims of professional negligence, injuries or damages to third party property. Empire Insurance services have tailored packages that will offer the ultimate protection in the advent of such claims. One such policies that we offer to businesses and professionals is the professional indemnity insurance. This should be a must if you or your business offers advice and services to clients.

What is Professional indemnity insurance

The essence of professional indemnity insurance is to offer you with financial protection should you make mistakes that leads to damages to the clients property or leads to them making financial losses. It is designed for businesses or professionals who offer advice or professional services to other businesses. Because no one is perfect, a professional might err in his decision and get it totally wrong. With the current crop of clients, the only remedy for them is to sue the professional in order to recover some of the losses they incurred due to the professional negligence. PI insurance will therefore shield such professionals and their businesses from digging into their pockets in order to pay for the damages.

What risks does the PI insurance cover

Professional indemnity insurance covers a variety of risks that might occur in the course of a professional discharging their duties. They include but not limited to

   Damages awarded to the claimants should the professional be found in the wrong.

   Fees for legal representation and any other costs incurred during the litigation process.

   Loss of income when the professional have to be physically present during the hearings.

What costs does professional indemnity insurance cover

  •    Breach of privacy or confidential agreements

  •    A professional’s dishonesty or libelous actions against clients

  •    Professional negligence leading to damages on the clients property or leading to       financial losses

  •    Loss of client’s money or property under the custody of the professional

  •    Loss of data, materials or any other intellectual property belonging to the client.

Are there tailored Solutions

We understand that businesses are not the same and they operate under varying dynamics. Due to this, we do not have any prepackaged professional indemnity insurances. We prefer to sit down with clients and discuss their needs so that we only offer the best solutions available. Our team of highly experienced insurance agents will help you understand your current situations and offer with high quality advice which will enable you to make an independent and informed choice.

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